Role of Department

1) Thoroughly studying, overall summarizing, statistical planning, supervision, monitoring of plan implementation and preparing report of each activity of the Institute on weekly, monthly, semester and yearly basis.
2) Directing all departments of the institute to develop plans and work plans, implementing of policies and strategies of the Institute in capacity building and health research. Preparing institution’s budget on yearly and five years plans.
3) Managing and administrating of all documents come-in, go-out, registration, typing-sending out , protocol, reception, interpersonal relation and foreign affairs relation of the institute.
4) Managing of income, expenditure, and salaries; managing and inventory of materials equipment, collectivity assets, vehicles, fuels, maintenance of institution building, and organizing of meetings and seminars.
5) Managing of personnel-staffs, developing capacity building plan, organizing meetings to promote staffs and upgrading salaries, applying motivation policy, incentive and punishment measure within Institute.
6) Managing Stamp and names of Directors board.
7) Responsible for security, orders, cleanliness and beauty of the Institute.
8) Cooperating and collaborating between Departments within the Institute and other Organizations concerned in order to implement Institute’s activities.
9) Performing other duties according to the assignment of the Director general of the Institute.