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LEARN Project

                                  Lao Equity through policy Analysis and Research Networks

Using research to inform health policy in Laos

In Lao PDR, MCNV is implementing the LEARN (Lao Equity through policy Analysis and Research Networks) project with the Lao Tropical and Public Health Institute as the primary partner. This 5 year programme (2015-2020) is funded by the EU Commission to enhance the capabilities of public health institutes in Laos. Working together with a range of partners the program aims to ensure that LaoTPHI becomes of centre of excellence for the provision of evidence-based and contextually adapted policy advice. This evidence is used to enhance decision making and improve the implementation of health policies both within Laos and the wider Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS)

LEARN brings together a unique range of partners to achieve this goal. As well as LaoTPHI, LEARN partners with the University of Health Sciences in Laos, the VU University in the Netherlands, and the Hanoi University of Public in Vietnam. MCNV is an international NGO that has been working in the health sector in the GMS for many decades. LEARN partners come together to ensure that:

  • Effective and convincing evidence is available to policy-makers who are better able to use it for policy making and programming
  • LaoTPHI and its partners have increased access to finance, skilled human resources and information.
  • Researchers are able to produce high quality research and are able to convincingly present results and recommendations to a wide range of stakeholders.

 Expected results

During its 5 year implementation the programme will support a range of activities including;

  • International scholarships for Lao researchers to gain PhD’s
  • A joint Masters in Public Health Program between University of Health Sciences and Hanoi University of Public Health
  • Upgrade of IT facilities and introduction of public health e-learning resource centre
  • A research grant scheme to support the production of high quality research with Laos
  • Development of a long-term strategic plan for LaoTPHI
  • A wide range of workshops and trainings in areas ranging from ethics, transdisciplinary research practice, and production of policy briefs.

In addition to this major project, MCNV also conducts research in a wide range of areas including the impact of its agricultural interventions on nutrition and how these can be scaled-up, the use of IT in development, the control and prevention of malaria, the effectiveness of self-help groups in empowering people living with HIV and examining barriers to policy implementation in areas as diverse as the provision of mental health services and access to mother and child healthcare. Research is often conducted in partnerships with Dutch Universities such as VU University. The research is action-based and reflective and is designed to ensure that all people are involved in the process, for complex issues such as malnutrition, multiple stakeholders and engaged in the research and transdisciplinary approaches are used. MCNV’s works in research helps us to understand better the world around us and ensures we can support people within development processes to make the world a better place.


LEARN supported research at LaoTPHI:

  1. Local specific food-based recommendations developed using linear programming approach for combating anaemia among adolescent school girls in rural Lao PDR  ( Sengchanh Kounnavong, Post-Doctorate Study)
  2. Lao PDR Adolescent Girls Situation Analysis: Establishment Provincial level Adolescent Girls Profile ( Khampheng Phongluxa, Post-Doctorate Study)
  3. Innovative Improvement of Food and Nutrition Security Strategies in Children and Women in Lao PDR ( Kethmany Ratsavong, LEARN PhD candidate)

For further information contact

Unit 13, Phonxay Village

Rue Nerhu, Xaysettha District

Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR

Tel: +856 21 454793   Website:

Facebook: @LEARNLaos

Funded by the European Commission


MCNV is a Dutch INGO with the mission to support development activities in S.E. Asia. In Lao PDR it undertakes integrated rural development activities with a particular focus on nutrition and maternal and child health. At a national level MCNV is supporting health research activities in conjunction with Lao Public Health institutes via the EU-funded LEARN Program.



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Sustainable Development Goals for Adolescents

A Network for Researchers, Development partners, and Stakeholders within the field of Adolescent Health in the Mekong Region

The SDG4A network website will act as a virtual platform of interaction, collaboration and knowledge sharing where each agency can request membership, create their own profile and share resources with other members.



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National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM)

Program for International Promotion of Japan’s Healthcare Technologies and Services” was newly launched at the NCGM, under sponsorship of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan.

This Program aims at enhancing human resources for health in the counterpart countries, through sharing Japanese cutting-edge medical technologies, management skills and experiences in public health. Strengthening the NCGM Collaboration Institutions is one of the missions of this program, and thus we are preparing to sign MOU with the NIOPH, as a new NCGM Collaboration Institution. In Laos, the NCGM has signed MOU with Institut Pasteur du Laos (IPL), under which SATREPS has been implemented. Therefore, the NIOPH will be the 2nd NCGM Collaboration Institution, following IPL.


Swiss TPH

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health-Institute (Swiss TPH) and the National Institute of Public Health (NIOPH) in Lao PDR. Therefore, tribendimidine could be a promising new therapy against widespread liver fluke infections. The results were published today in the renowned journal Lancet Infectious Diseases.