The National Institute of Public Health (NIOPH) was the well-known institute for the promotion, coordination, consultation and conduction of health researches in Lao PDR. It was established since 1999 by merging the research activities of the Council of Medical Sciences (CMS) and the training activities of the School of Public Health (SPH). It was served as focal point for health research and training activities in Lao PDR. NIOPH had several partners internally and externally. With the great support from partners NIOPH has hosted the national health research forum in the country (NHRF) since 2007 yearly, this year will be 12th NHRF, in addition under the collaboration with UNFPA to Lao PDR NIOPH has hosted the adolescent research day (ARD) in the region, this year will be the 3rd ARD. Beside that NIOPH has several experiences in conducting researches such as nutrition, health policy, NCD, tropical medicine researches, adolescent research, surveys like national health survey in 2000, Lao Health Survey as a part of the World Health Survey in 2003, STEPS survey, EPI survey, Global Student Health Based survey in Lao PDR, co-leading LSIS 1 and 2 and so on. 

However due to the new reform for the advancement of health sector of Lao PDR in promoting, managing and conducting health research and producing human resource for health in health management and tropical medicine and international health and in addition Lao government has sufficient capability to take over the tasks of Francophony Institute for Tropical Medicine based in Vientiane Lao PDR (IFMT). In 2017 the merge of the two institutions such as NIOPH and IFMT has been made and became one institution the so called Lao Tropical and Public Health Institute (Lao TPHI) and in French is called Institut Tropical et de La Santé Publique Lao (ITSPL). 

The Lao TPHI has been approved with the agreement No 2979/MOH and dated on 06th December 2017.  It is the 1st level of technical unit of Ministry of Health and serves as secretary for Minister of Health in promoting, managing and conducting researches and producing health resource persons in health management, tropical medicine and international health aiming to improve people’s health.