No Research Name Partners Statuts
1 Lao Zinc Study UC Davis, USA On goning
2 Lao PDR Adolescent Grils Situation Analysis Learn – MCNV, UNPA, Plant On goning
3 ACME Lao Study to accelerate Malaria
LaoTPHI, CMPE, UCSF, HPA On goning
4 Early detection of server hepatobiary morbility
associated with Asian liver fluke infection
Swiss TPH On goning
5 Elimination of liver fluke schis to soonias is in
the great Mekong suhregion
NIPD, China KKU, Thailand On goning
6 Evaluation of CCA for diagnosis of Mekong
schis to miaris
WHO On goning
7 Drag ambination (ivermectin + A/B) for treatment
of T.trichiura, multiple study centre
Swiss TPH On goning
8 Promotion of community participation in giving
care to pregnant women in remote rural
of xepon district, savannakhet province
Ruykyus Uni, LaoTPHI, Savannakhet PHD On goning
9 Integrated solutions for healthy birth, growth, and
development: a cluster-randomized controlled trial
to evaluate the effectiveness of a mixed nutrition
intervention package in reducing child undernutrition in Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Burnet Institute Autralia On goning