The purposes of Food Consumption Survey are to explore the food consumes of Lao people, food pattern and proportion of food consume to energy intake. The survey was started since 2016 until the end of 2017 under the financial support from EU through AETS agency. Three zones represented 3 regions with two provinces in each zone were included.  A total of  8 different target groups of population were recruited in this survey namely infant 3-11 months, children 12-36 months, children 3-5 years, teenager 6-14 years, Adult 15-49 years, Older adult >50 years, Pregnant women and Lactating women. A total of 2045 individual were recruited and successfully completed the interview by using standard questionnaire “24 hour recall” to be tool for recoding data.




The results of the survey were disseminate and discussed with partnership and all participants over 40 participants. More information of the survey can go to the link or can contact with Lao TPHI


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